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48 Hour-Repack

48 HR Repack (Sheba Lee, Justin Tompkins, Millie Nicholson, Ronak Patel - Portfolio Center, Atlanta GA)

Our task was to redesign the Coca-Cola 12-Can Fridge Pack. Our approach was to reduce the packages size, retain store/consumer package stack ability and allow to lay both vertically and horizontally. Regardless of how the pack is set down, there is a stabile balance and no wrong way to interact with carry.

A new feature is to compartmentalize the 12 cans into two 6 can parts. This can function as ways to split the two halves. Examples for use: refrigerate one part, store the second. Finish one part and carry the second to a friends house, party, etc.

This also serves as a reminder that you’ve finished half the pack. Encourages the consumer to consider buying more prior to realizing they only have a few cans left. Also makes finding the 7th can easier without reaching towards the back or forcing the cans to roll forward when the the pack is almost empty.

Our carrying handle functions as a way to connect the halves and direct the consumer to the correct opening side. The arrows meets at the perforation points for the initial opening and accessibility to the first can.

The entire package is a solid die-cut from one piece of sturdy recycled paperboard. The graphics are designed to encourage and instruct how to recycle. The arrow handle does so too.

Fun fact: the package is a rhombus. The design was 100 years in the making in consideration to Coca-Cola’s logo. The hyphen is a rhombus with the same direction and dimensional size as our package. 😊