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Coffee & Cameras

Coffee & Cameras was born as a social solution to the photography community in Gainesville, FL. The idea was simple, get people to “attend meets and join our ever-growing community.”  

I didn’t manage to host many meets – seven to be exact. Granted, this wasn’t too bad considering they only occurred once a month. The consistent problem was attendance. How do I gather and keep people attending the meets while increasing the size of the community.

The original initiative didn’t last long on my end due to my decision to focus on the last semester of my undergrad at the University of Florida. This and the constant effort of gaining and keeping interest in Coffee & Cameras. I even owned the domain coffeeandcameras[dot]com. Sadly, I canceled ownership and now the value is close to $2k. How lovely.

Essentially, all I wanted was to offer a social space for photographers, conessieurs and friends, to meet and socialize. Help teach others how to use cameras and techniques, offer critiques, talk photographers, etc. Ideally to then start chapters in other cities, and gather a following on social media channels to perhaps launch an official brand or organization.