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Forty Dead Men

Forty Dead Men is a garment concept. The meaning behind the name originates from a slang term used for a munitions box during the American Civil War. 

40 rounds is equivalent to forty dead men. This observation is quite disturbing yet fascinating. My first takeaway from this slang term was the utter disregard for humanity. It’s us and the enemy. One of the classical was to create an enemy en masse is by making them less than human. 

As for me, Forty Dead Men (FDM) is a celebration of humanity. It’s a recognition that life is fleeting and it’s easy to fall into a trap of non-existence living. Essentially, there are a lot of people on Earth that are alive, doing the day-to-day but aren’t actually living in the present, celebrating life and being cognizant that life is worth living. We all will die. The question is when. FDM is a reminder.