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Sven Lockenvitz / Foto Braune

Photo Story by Justin Palmer Tompkins.

BERLIN – Sven Lockenvitz is a 47-year-old photographer and owner of a photography shop called Foto Braune. Sven is one of the few people born and raised in Berlin that happens to still be living close by in the green outskirts of the city – only 30 minutes from the center of Berlin. Sven has been working at Foto Braune for 16 years and as of a year ago is now the owner.

Foto Braune sells analog and digital camera equipment with 70% being analog and most of his inventory being 30 to 40-year-old gear. Sven primarily assists students and a younger crowd of photographers with his analog expertise. Sven’s profession is selling photography gear but he is extremely passionate about taking photos himself. At the age of 16 Sven had his first photo exhibition and since began taking photography serious. Sven has been taking pictures of abandoned places within Berlin and of the surrounding areas for the past 25 years and plans to continue his work.

FOTO BRAUNE in NEUKÖLLN is THE CULT SHOP for analog photography and SUPER-8 film repairs and accessories.
FOTO BRAUNE in NEUKÖLLN ist D E R KULTLADEN für analoge Fotographie und SUPER-8-Film-Reparatur und Zubehör.