Design, Concepts

︎ Type: Concept
︎ Period: 2019
︎ Medium: Digital
︎ Status: On-Hold

is a mixed media project representing a fictional virtual reality theme park. Located in Berlin, Germany, Arca offers a unique experience that can’t be found anywhere else – at least for now.

Patrons register to be part of the Arca community. In return, they get to be part of an experience much larger than a building just offering virtual reality environments. Each patron can apply to receive a digitally-linked physical key that becomes their I.D. in the Arca framework.

With I.D. on persons, these people may enter the building to begin their true immersion. This new world is constantly evolving and will develop as the patrons interact and the developers continue to develop.

Each patron can have a unique experience as well as a shared one. To be continued...