︎ Type: Abstract Film
︎ Period: 2019
︎ Medium: Digital
︎ Status: Completed

A noir-themed short.


︎ Type: Short Film
︎ Period: 2023
︎ Medium: Digital
︎ Status: Completed

My short film entry for the 2023 Gainesville 48 Hour Film Competition.

"Madrigal" A Film by Justin Tompkins

Cast & Crew
Desmond: Aaron Anderson
Caroline: Maria Beatriz de Souza Cortez
Luke: Justin Tompkins
Music : Julian Wortham


8 Years

︎ Type: Documentary
︎ Period: 2016
︎ Medium: Digital
︎ Status: Completed

"8 Years" a film by Justin Tompkins

A short multimedia piece about the difficulties of parenting a child with food allergies and anaphylaxis. Shot on Thanksgiving day.

Voiceover: Victoria Umstead
Subject: Kye Umstead

Placed 16th nationally for the Hearst Journalism Awards.