25th Anniversary of Pokémon

︎ Agency: Mediacom
︎ Category: Advertising
︎ Period: 2021
︎ Status: Completed

It’s not everyday you see Pokémon chart #1 on Spotify.

Cannes: Gold Lion
Cannes: Shortlist (x3)

I worked with the Mediacom Creative Services (CS) Team on this project during the concept exploration stage. The initial idea to connect the 25-year-old brand (Pokémon), 25-year-old artist (Post Malone), and a 25 -year-old hit (Only Wanna Be With You) was lead by Marcelo Dzialoszynski and Emiliano Zapata. After Pokémon’s approval the exploration stage insued to see how this connection could play out.

More than 10 months later, the final result was an animated virtual concert (video) put on by Post Malone using a full Mo-Cap suit and all. Prior to this final direction we explored creating an interactive virtual festival. This festival would be the ultimate expression of familiarty fans have with the iconic Pokémon brand mixed with being at a full-scale music festival. At the end of the day, Pokémon decided to go with a non-interactive video partly due to time limitations and to our surprise – IP complications. It’s very unfortunate but I hope the idea gets to live on one day.

My focus during this lengthy process was to develop ways to gamify the virtual festival. Leverage the love of playing Pokémon games, exploring environments, conquering gyms, capturing unique Pokémon and winning merchandise. The team used Fortnite’s Travis Scott concert as an inspiration. I studied the experience Fortnite players had and explored ways to amplify, build-on and extend them to the realm of Pokémon.


︎ Agency: The Times
︎ Type: Advertising
︎ Period: 2019
︎ Status: Completed

Jordan Rivals

Footlocker worked with Jordan on an exclusive line of clothing and shoes called Jordan Rivals. Footlocker asked The Times to create a campaign that’d live on different social channels.

I worked on project planning, organizing and sourcing materials, and worked with set design. I was in charge of asset management and did file running during the shoots. I conducted live editing to get the work out in a timely fashion.

Illustrated the graphic outlines for New York, Los Angeles, and Detroit. Created the social videos and edited the photography for the social campaign.

(For Footlocker and Footaction)


︎ Agency: The Times
︎ Category: Advertising
︎ Period: 2019
︎ Status: Completed

Evolution of The Swoosh

Footlocker worked with Nike on an exclusive line of clothing and shoes called Evolution of The Swoosh. Footlocker asked The Times to create a campaign that’d live on social channels and in store.

I edited social videos, photography and had a hand in the process of research and planning for the project.  


︎ Agency: Trade School
︎ Category: Advertising
︎ Period: 2022
︎ Status: Moved-on

It’s a WIP ⚠️ 


︎ Type: Advertising
︎ Period: Pending
︎ Medium: Social
︎ Status: Completed

Work in Progress 🚧

I’m in the process of gathering approved and published work to add to this portfolio. 

Client List:
American Airlines
Chase Bank
Circle K
Cole Haan
Cox Communications
DJ’s Cast Iron Burgers
Hard Rock
J.P. Graziano
Kaiser Permanente
Manuka Honey
Meat District
Shark Ninja
The Fenway
The Home Depot
The ‘Quin House
Uber Eats
Universal Studios
White Claw