︎ Agency: The Times
︎ Type: Advertising
︎ Period: 2019
︎ Status: Completed

Jordan Rivals

Footlocker worked with Jordan on an exclusive line of clothing and shoes called Jordan Rivals. Footlocker asked The Times to create a campaign that’d live on different social channels.

I worked on project planning, organizing and sourcing materials, and worked with set design. I was in charge of asset management and did file running during the shoots. I conducted live editing to get the work out in a timely fashion.

Illustrated the graphic outlines for New York, Los Angeles, and Detroit. Created the social videos and edited the photography for the social campaign.

(For Footlocker and Footaction)


︎ Agency: The Times
︎ Category: Advertising
︎ Period: 2019
︎ Status: Completed

Evolution of The Swoosh

Footlocker worked with Nike on an exclusive line of clothing and shoes called Evolution of The Swoosh. Footlocker asked The Times to create a campaign that’d live on social channels and in store.

I edited social videos, photography and had a hand in the process of research and planning for the project.  


︎ Spec Work
︎ Category: Advertising
︎ Status: Completed

In lieu of the 2018/19 government shutdown, Toyota’s goal was to encourage the public to take care of our National Parks when unstaffed. Two simple hashtags call out the movement: #letsgopickup #toyotapicksup

#LetsGoPickup invites the world to get outside and help maintain the parks we love. Not just one particular day, but everyday in some small way. Together, we can rethink the routines that keep our minds idle in effort of keeping parks clean.

Take a look at the faces and places that inspire our #LetsGoPickup community, then join us by sharing yours.

Ford Bronco Sport: We Do

︎ Agency: Uniworld Group (UWG)
︎ Roll: Art Director / Designer
︎ Type: Social Content, Photo Editing, CRM
︎ Medium: Digital
︎ Status: Completed

My role included designing social content, social ads, banners, CRM, and photo editing.

Ford’s ‘We Do‘ campaign challenges the cultural perception of outdoor involvement and enthusiam as it relates to Black women.

During the time of pandemic living, many Black women have doubled down on or discovered a love of the outdoors. Whether it’s solo time to talk with nature or a weekend treat with the girls, Black women are relishing the joy and freedom of the outdoors and we showed that the Bronco Sport the vehicle to get them there.

The ‘We Do’ campaign appeared across all digital and social channels, with TV, radio and print activations. It featured members of Black American outdoor organizations including: Outdoor Afro, Black Girls Do Bike and Black Girls Run.

By Ford: Staying true to the DNA of the first-generation Bronco – designed by a team that included McKinley Thompson, Jr., the first African American automotive designer to work at Ford – the all-new Bronco Sport SUV pays it forward with modern, heritage-inspired style, available agile off-road architecture and G.O.A.T. Modes™ to go over any type of terrain.

Ford Maverick

︎ Agency: Uniworld Group (UWG)
︎ Roll: Art Director / Designer
︎ Type: Campaign Ideation /Service Concept
︎ Medium: Digital
︎ Status: Moved-on

Origin: This began as client ask to advertise the Maverick to the urban / city customer. Trucks are the most popular vehicle in the United States but are not the first consideration from those that call the city their home. Here are 3 concepts to showcase the utility of the Ford Maverick and to break of barrier of what a “truck person” looks like.

Maker to Maker: a celebration of ingenuity

The Maverick Resource Lab:



︎ Agency: Trade School
︎ Category: Advertising
︎ Period: 2022
︎ Status: Moved-on

It’s a WIP ⚠️ 


︎ Type: Advertising
︎ Period: Pending
︎ Medium: Social
︎ Status: Completed

Work in Progress 🚧

I’m in the process of gathering approved and published work to add to this portfolio. 

Client List:
American Airlines
Chase Bank
Circle K
Cole Haan
Cox Communications
DJ’s Cast Iron Burgers
Hard Rock
J.P. Graziano
Kaiser Permanente
Manuka Honey
Meat District
Shark Ninja
The Fenway
The Home Depot
The ‘Quin House
Uber Eats
Universal Studios
White Claw