Design, Product

︎ Type: Product
︎ Period: 2018
︎ Medium: Digital Presentation
︎ Status: On-Hold

Instead of designing another typical bottle, I wanted to take un unorthodox approach. I searched deep into my brain and attempted to recall all the times I’ve seen people carrying liquid. One method was the wineskin. This simple tool, now to be considered disgusting, was commonplace. Wineskins have been around for thousands of years and for good reason. They were functional a product of the “use the whole animal” mindset. Of course, this was just the way of life to survive. 

Today, there aren’t many options for purchasing wineskins aka bota bags. Most that do exist can’t survive a fall on the trail or a good stuffing into a backpack. So, I decided to design a bota bag that fits my needs. Though, I consider it a dynamic hydration reservoir. 

Take a look at the product presentation.