Orange Island
Photographs, Nature

︎ Type: Project
︎ Period: 2020-23
︎ Medium: Digital and Film
︎ Status: On-going
“Orange Island is the earliest emergent landmass of Florida dating from the middle Rupelian ~33.9—28.4 Ma. geologic stage of the Early Oligocene epoch and named for Orange County, Florida, United States of America. By the Early Oligocene, sea levels rose almost as much as during the late Eocene. During the warm Eocene ~55.8—33.9 Ma., what was to become Florida (Florida Platform) was a carbonate bank with shallow sea covering it. Parts of the platform remained above water creating Orange Island, a low relief island just 150 km (93 mi) south of the Oligocene Georgia coastline and Bainbridge Subsea with a shallow channel, the Gulf Trough or Suwannee Strait, separating the two...”

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