Something About April II
Design, Packaging

︎ Type: Packaging
︎ Period: 2018
︎ Medium: Digital
︎ Status: Completed
This is my design of Adrian Younge’s album,
Something about April II. This is easily one of my favorite musical projects. I consider it a masterpiece. My breath has been stolen countless times, my heart emotionally trapped, and my tear ducts have let loose. 

Something about April II can be described as a score to a film that was never made. The album tells a story about an interracial couple in the ‘70s whom deal with the scrutiny and pressures that result from their relationship. As compared to the first of the series, Something about April, this album speaks of the emotional turmoil the couple has when they attempt to escape their torment, please others, and date other people.

Now to accompany my love for Adrian’s April series, I decided to do a redesign from my perspective. This includes a vinyl record and a booklet. The photographs used for this project are my own, taken from my series entitled “Coping.” The designs are in effort to showcase my interpretation and emotional connection to Adrian’s work.